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"Power is not attained by traveling a road of conquest, subjugation, attainment. Power is not "come by" in some way. It is not a bestowal, not a gift, not authority passed on to one by Divine right. Power is what you are, not what you possess.

Power is not something that grows, develops, evolves, expands or swells like a sponge. Power is Intelligence, Utter Absoluteness now, Full Awareness, Joy Itself Divinely satisfied with Total Completeness, Pure Singleness, Individual Allness, Allness that is forever One Alone Individual.

Undimensional Consciousness is Power, Allness functioning without a breath of opposition. Naught but Omnipotence is. No thing can know, interefere, alter, or usurp Power, Action fully functioning. There are no lesser, no greater powers; no degrees of Power. It is Individsible, Absolutely intact. It is Constant Action."

- From Power, ch. 1.

The ultimatum of all power is resident in Being itself, the Heart of the "I", the nucleus of all.

All is Consciousness
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